My Bonny Heart, by Synclair Stafford


A dangerous secret . . .

A treacherous past haunts ex-pirate Anne Bonny’s attempt at a fresh start. Rescued from a Port Royal jail, she’s forced to marry a prominent land owner to retain custody of her children. She vows no other man will ever dictate her life, again. But, the lord she’s to wed is more tempting and infuriating than the devil, himself. She must defy her own rules—save telling the truth—to chase him away.

An unexpected contract . . .

Addison Blackhurst agreed to wed a fellow merchant’s daughter, solidifying expansion of his rice plantation and trading business. Not mentioned in the contract? A temperamental, out-of-control, widow who is unlike any woman of his acquaintance, complete with not one, but three children. But, from the beginning, he’s drawn to her wild spirit and seductive charms.

A fiery romance . . .

Through Anne’s husband-repelling schemes—and Addison’s equal endeavors to ignore them—they find an exasperating, yet most fascinating, attraction. When Anne’s past threatens her future, and Addison believes he’s lost her for good, only a pirate’s resolve can determine if love will prevail.

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