Meet Tasha Taylor!

Tasha Taylor is a UK based author, who on the approach to turning 40 a few years ago, decided to dust off some floppy disks, dig out some old notebooks and turn her hand to what she loved doing in her teens and early twenties – writing. 

Working full time and her family, including man, teenager, dog, and any number of waifs and strays – human or otherwise – who happen by, keep her busy but writing is her not-so-secret passion. 

When asked what would be her perfect day (once everyone was fed, watered, happy and busy doing whatever they do), Tasha said, with a blissful smile, “A lay-in, cheese on toast, long hot bath, and as much time as I want to day dream and write, until it’s time for bed.”

Other hobbies include reading, baking, social media and people watching.