Meet Tessa Gray!


Recurring themes in Tessa Gray’s novels are small towns and second chances. The heroines in these “fish-out-of-water” stories are women in their mid-thirties facing challenges that push them to their limit. Armed with a fair amount of cynicism, they’ve long ago abandoned the notion of a knight on a white horse rescuing them. 

LAST CHANCE TEXAS, the first in Tessa’s Dreamcatchers series, is a June 2017 release. Set in the tiny west Texas town of Alpine, it highlights Tessa’s adventures at the Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering she attends every year.

A prolific author, she’s written eight books but still manages to squeeze time in for her other two passions: music and quilting. She lives with her soulmate of forty-four years (Jim) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where they lovingly tend to their four dogs, two Nigerian Pygmy goats, and two miniature donkeys.
Twitter: TessaGrayBooks