Last Chance Texas, by Tessa Gray


A philandering husband and the loss of a child have taken a toll on Kelsey Malone. She’s moved on, but the desire for another child is consuming her. When her aunt leaves her property in the small west Texas town of Alpine, she sets out to claim it. She’ll sell off the land, using the money to finance in vitro. While some might balk at the prospect of raising a child alone, Kelsey embraces it.

While visiting her aunt’s grave, she meets widower/large animal vet Nathan Wainwright and there’s an instant connection between them. She’s drawn to this quiet, unassuming cowboy whose ability to poke fun at himself amuses her. Eager to spend more time with him, she agrees to accompany him on his rounds. The chemistry between them is undeniable and after a whirlwind romance, the two make love. But when she casually mentions children, Nathan comes unhinged. He makes it clear he’d not on board with starting a family. She heads home—furious with herself for opening herself up to him.

Weeks later she returns to Alpine and discovers that Nathan has taken in two foster children—children no one else was willing to care for. He pleads with her to give him another chance, assuring her he’s changed. She’s facing the most difficult decision of her life; should she stick to her original plan and raise a child on her own or take a risk and trust again?