In Her Defense, by Vicki Tharp


A tornado of lies. A drought of truth. Her daughter’s life caught in the maelstrom. Who can she trust?

Lawyer Danielle McKean’s client is killed less than a day after handing her newfound evidence that could acquit him. The coincidence is too frightful to ignore and she is determined to find the murderer.

The collapse of his marriage to Danielle years before has left Jack Walsh reeling and slow to trust, but with a protective streak tattooed on his soul, he can’t refuse Danielle’s cry for help.

While in possession of the evidence, Jack’s and Danielle’s lives and those around them are in imminent danger and their investigation points to the man Jack reveres most. As they peel back the layers of fraud, greed, and deceit, Danielle’s daughter is kidnapped and her life bartered for the document. Lies are aplenty, and time is short.

Can Jack and Danielle dig deep into their hearts and discover the truth? Is trust and honesty the key to catching the killer, rescuing her daughter, and reviving their love?