Chaperoning Paris, by Victoria Pinder


Gigi Dumont never forgot how she actively participated in destroying her own life.
She’s a teacher whose led her students to an international competition for speaking French. The finals are in Paris. The night before the trip, the Principal tried to cancel the trip before he in turn loses his job to her high school boyfriend, Sean Collins.
Sean Collins’ survived cancer, his ex-wife leaving then dying on him, and Gigi aborted their child back in high school. He assumed he’d hate her, when he saw her. But she’s exactly what he wants.

Gigi and Sean are stuck together for a week in Paris. Her mother forced her to make that life altering decision that sent her life into a tailspin. She’s made peace with herself. But how does she survive her attraction to Sean Collins? The man’s sexier now than he was back in the day, and once upon a time, he had her heart. She’s falling for him, even knowing forever is impossible, at least that’s what she believes.


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