The Zoastra Affair, by Victoria Pinder


How far will Ariel go to get home?

A teenager stole Ariel’s body and left her to rot on this Victorian planet. She’s going to do the unthinkable and steal someone else’s body to go searching for hers. Married Major Grace Newman from the Space Ship Zoastra lands on the planet, and Ariel sees her opportunity. After stealing her body, she pretends to be Grace to get off the planet. But on the ship, Ariel’s surrounded with humans who need her help.

Where is his revenge?

Marine Captain Cross on the Zoastra joined the Earth Seekers to find the aliens who attacked Earth, killing his entire family. Something happened to his best friend’s wife, and he’s set to expose her. He had no idea what would happen next. Discovering the truth about Ariel Transcender hits him hard. When her world unravels, his first instinct is helping her.

The Zoastra Affair by Victoria Pinder is a science-fiction romance adventure that features body stealing, planet hopping and aliens. Yes, please! The video is short and milks every second for its full opportunity to pull you in with the upbeat slightly techno soundtrack, the brisk script and the images of hunky guys with guns. I loved how you got a real sense of the high stakes of the book and the intricate character dynamic from this trailer.

1 Response to The Zoastra Affair, by Victoria Pinder

  1. In case anyone likes book trailers… The Zoastra Affair is on youtube. And only 42 seconds.

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