Conduct Unbecoming Of a Gentleman, by Wareeze Woodson


Recently widowed, Lady Laurel Laningham glanced around the interior of the overturned coach. With her young son in her arms, the task of climbing out of the crippled vehicle appeared overwhelmingly difficult. At that moment, a stranger offered his help and reached down for the child, but before she could struggle out after him, he immediately rode off with her son. She followed only to discover the fellow was Jamie’s new guardian. If she wanted any part in her son’s future, she must fight her sister-in-law plus her own deep attraction to Jamie’s new guardian.

Furious that the widow would abscond with his ward, Lord Adron Gladrey rescued Jamie, determined to protect him from a selfish mother able to persuade men to do her bidding and uncaring enough to expose her son to untold danger. After seeing her beauty for himself, he believed every word against her. He vowed she would soon learn he was not so easy to manipulate.

Complicating her life still further, a villainous jewel thief committed murder for a rare blue diamond she had no idea was in her possession and he would kill again. After many twist and turns, she must fight for her life. Will her son’s guardian put aside his prejudices against beautiful women in time to help her or will she follow her husband to an early grave?

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  1. Erin1962 says:

    Sounds wonderful!

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