Don’t You Know Who I Am? by Wendy Gonzales


Kayla Johnson had no idea what was in store for her senior year in Nogales, Arizona.  Tired of moving from place to place for her father’s job, she just wanted to get out and start her own life. That is until she met Javier Fuentes. His obvious power over the people in his life and extreme good looks makes her infatuation with him unbearable to live without. Was it infatuation or true love? After they are involved in a tragic car accident, Kayla learns from her father that Javier did not survive. Or did he? How will she go on to live without him?

When she is sent away to college she finds that adjusting to life without Javier is empty. That is until she meets Steven Holt. Maybe she can learn to forgive herself for Javier’s death and learn to love again.

This is a story about true love that bears all, survives all and lives on.