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Is It Easier to Write Paranormal Romance?

Is it easier to write paranormal, as opposed to contemporary romance? Once upon a time (right about the time I decided I wanted to write paranormal), my gut reaction to that question was a resounding yes. I mean, come on. … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo 2017-Fantasy and Real Life Collide

This material may be the most dramatic yet for my memoir, and I expect for Book Two of the Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken dreams as well.  Continue reading

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#Amwriting Curvy Girl Romance

I’ve started my first ‘curvy’ heroine story. I didn’t do it because I was writing to trend, although it’s certainly a happy coincidence, since curvaceous women in romance definitely seem to be in at the moment. What woman doesn’t want … Continue reading

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The Lazy Writer’s Garden

In my spare time (ha!) I like to garden. Flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit, you name it; I’m game. I’m also a lazy gardener. Which means weeds are included on that list. You see, I truly don’t have a lot of spare … Continue reading

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Paid Book Promotions: Yay or Nay?

Hello, lovelies! I wanted to do an elaborate post about Writer’s Block (which will likely be my next topic here at the SMP blog), but it’s been a crazy few months and I’m a little short on time (deadlines abound … Continue reading

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