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Reflection on the Notre Dame: Why Our Work Matters

Between realizing I’m going to be a book momma again in, gasp!, under a month, and watching the Notre Dame burn in Paris earlier this week, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. Most of the art and work we … Continue reading

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New Uses for Old Books

I’m a book fan. The hold-in-my-hand, smell-the-musty page, pile-on-the-nightstand kind of book. I find bookstores dangerous because I can’t pull myself away without buying several new titles. My conundrum—what do I do with all my leftover books? Yes, I’ve given … Continue reading

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Love & Romance

As a romance author I am especially fond of the month of February and the glorification of all we hold dear. Love is in the air, although it’s in the air twelve months a year and twenty-four hours a day … Continue reading

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Good morning everyone. Today I wanted to talk about something that many of us may not know much about: dys·lex·i·s dəsˈleksēə/ noun a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other … Continue reading

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The value of your writing

Most of us would probably like to see our books become best sellers so we could dance joyfully in the limelight while laughing our way to the bank (or credit union, as the case may be). But what if your … Continue reading

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