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I’m Going to a Readers/Authors Conference! Preparing for October!

I love New Hampshire in the Fall. Not only is the foliage/scenery stunning but this cozy conference is fun, fun, fun. As it’s limited to how many can attend, you get to meet and talk with more people. The events … Continue reading

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Authorial Aggravations – Elle Hill

I recently stumbled across one author’s list of things never to say to an author. I pored through it, nodding my head vigorously at some of her points and shaking my head at others. The post started me wondering: Do peeps … Continue reading

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System Update

Last week I sent off the final edits for Xi Force book 4: Triptych. A book that’s due out in October. And even though I have a couple of other writing tasks on the drawing board, I am no longer … Continue reading

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The 3 Motivations in Life by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Recently I got the chance to talk to C.C., a rising star in philosophy. She shared with me that humanity has 3 motivations that rule their lives. When C.C. shared them, I was amazed. They also rule romance novels.  The … Continue reading

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How Writing is Like Sea Glass

My husband and I win the gold medal for Failing Vacations. One night into our “staycation” we descended for a hard-earned Green Arrow binge night only to find our basement completely flooded. Another time, a four-wheeler fell on my head—no, … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo…or Less?

Many authors take on the daunting task every November of pledging to complete a manuscript within one month.  It is an ambitious undertaking.  I envy every author who successfully accomplishes the task.  Unfortunately, I have never succeeded in completing any … Continue reading

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Tight on Time

Time is one thing that always seems to be in high demand and low supply. Whether it’s for school or work, family and friends, or even writing, it always seems to run short. I have found this to be especially … Continue reading

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