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Beauty During a Pandemic, by Gail Ingis

The COVID pandemic, while challenging and exhausting in so many ways has had one positive effect on me and, I suspect on you too. It has helped me “embrace” my gray hair – the color represents those years of trial … Continue reading

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Women of Conviction

It’s downright painful to think about the women who fought for their vote and their freedom in the early nineteenth-century, going forward. Women were kept in the kitchen, away from the real world, but they were cunning, seeking education, politics, … Continue reading

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New Hat: Published Author! by Janina Grey

I’ve always joked that I have multiple personalities in reference to the numerous different hats I wear at any given moment. In reality, these hats complete me. And now I have one more to add to my wardrobe. First, there … Continue reading

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Dress to Impress: A Guide to Conferencing in Style! By Rebecca Heflin

(With an Intro by Char Chaffin!) Hi All: With RWA National a whisper away (Okay, ten days away!), I wanted to repost an excellent blog by one of our most dedicated blogging regulars: Rebecca Heflin. (Pictured: the ever-adorbs Rebecca) Rebecca … Continue reading

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Authors, Sparkle That Manuscript! by Char Chaffin

Hi Everyone! With RWA National coming up fast, and folks rushing around trying to finish up current works in preparation for those nerve-wracking but vital pitching appointments during conference, I decided to post Part One of a two-part blog that … Continue reading

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What I learned at RWA this year

It’s August (for one more day), the traditional time for back to school. One of my memories from the first month of school is the “what I did on my summer vacation” essay. So this is my attempt at recreating … Continue reading

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Closing the Arcs: Walking Hand in Hand with My Characters

I am finishing Storm Watch, the third book in the Unfinished Business series. Synchronicities, a theme I touched on last time, abound. It’s been difficult to keep up the momentum, but it’s not writer’s block. Storm Watch is more than half complete. I have lived with these characters for over 10 years. But I have lived with myself for many more, which is probably the reason. Continue reading

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Incomplete Encounters and Split Personalities

My life is one giant incomplete encounter. There is never enough time to restore order in the house, to spend with my family, or to do my writing or marketing. The house is never really clean; the stages of disarray range from pretty under to control to hopeless. Continue reading

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Author Newsletters … Yay or Nay?

Years ago (or, as my grandchildren say ‘back in the stone age’), I had a newsletter. I put it together on my Wang word processor, added clip art, printed it out (usually on fancy colored paper at the Kinkos), folded … Continue reading

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