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It’s in My Bones

Never discuss religion or politics at a family gathering. That common-sense rule took on a greater urgency in recent years as the nerves and anger level in the country percolated upward. In a time of tribes and divisions the last … Continue reading

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Letting Go to Receive More

By Jeanine Englert Letting go is a strange and unusual concept to many, especially if you’ve held a shame, a guilt, or a disappointment close to you for any length of time. If you’ve carried and clutched it with you … Continue reading

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Characters Gone Wild

  I guess it’s both the actress and the psychotherapist in me, but my ears always perk up when I hear someone say, “but that was so out of character for him (or her).” Yet now that I think about … Continue reading

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Reflection Makes You and Your Characters Stronger

By Jeanine Englert I have a confession to make: I didn’t have a Facebook account until March of 2018 when I became a Golden Heart Finalist. And the first time I got a “memory” on Facebook, I was annoyed. Why … Continue reading

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Giving Characters Unique Voices – Elle Hill

Imagine a scene in your book in which an inspector asks three different characters the same question: “Were you there last night?” As authors, our job is to make each character’s voice distinctive enough that adding “Jose said” or “Jae … Continue reading

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Clothes maketh the character

They do say clothes maketh the man – the codpiece was probably invented with this in mind. But do they also make a character? What can clothes do to make a character or even a book, memorable? Romance was once … Continue reading

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Creating Memorable Characters

There are many elements to consider as you write your novel but including memorable characters is perhaps the most important of all. We all remember characters that resonated with our hearts, long after closing the last page of a book. … Continue reading

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Painting my world and coloring my characters

I have often thought that being a writer and creating my stories mirrors that of being in the mind of a child. At least, for me. I watch my oldest daughter play with her toys, watch her make them move and … Continue reading

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Character Development

I hope everyone had a great festive season and are ready to dive back into being productive. 🙂 For my first SMP blog post of the year I thought I’d explore the similarities between character development and gardening—give them both … Continue reading

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What’s in a Character?

Writers have pondered over this age-old question for centuries.  The mere mention of the topic produces an array of emotions that often lead to anxiety, tears, hair pulling, and a lot of nail-biting.  Now, writers spare the stubs and let … Continue reading

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