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Financial Side of Writing

Today I am going to talk about the financial side of writing. Yes, the not so fun side. I believe sometimes the financial side gets in the way of being able to write because I have a tendency to be … Continue reading

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Countdown and Book Trailer

When the clock starts ticking down for the launch of a new book, I get excited … and anxious. I can’t wait to get my baby out into the world for everyone to enjoy, but also anxious because there is … Continue reading

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Promoting/ Random pick for Secrets of Jenkins Bridge

Good Wednesday to everyone! Promoting is a major part of getting your name and your book out into the world. It’s a huge part of your platform as an author. And boy, can it be tricky at times. There are … Continue reading

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Donna’s in the House! Please Welcome Donna Shields, Author of THE SWAN COVE MURDERS and SECRETS OF THE JENKINS BRIDGE!

SMP:  Donna, welcome! Tell us all about you! What would you most like your readers to know? Donna:  I’m a mom, gramma, and a wife (of course in no particular order as that changes daily, lol). My husband and I … Continue reading

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“Home is where the heart is.” I love this quote. And it’s so true. I can tell you I have several ‘homes.’ Places I feel I belong – a part of a family. The first would be where I am … Continue reading

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