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Those Manuscripts Under the Bed

Every author remembers their first book or short story. The one they labored over. Cried over, and most times, shoved in the closet, under the bed, buried deep in computer files, or in the garbage. I’m no different. Last week … Continue reading

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Editng, Edioting, Editing, by Char Chaffin

Hi Everyone! I’m on the road with Mr. Don (the most romantic man in the world), traveling to our winter home in South Texas. And as usual I’m not only dealing with spotty internet but also the Mother of all … Continue reading

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Writing – How to Not Take Critiques Personally – by Dorlana Vann

I have observed some really upset writers after they’ve received written or verbal suggestions about their stories. And I think most writers at least wince (I know I do) when they receive a lot of edits. But you can actually … Continue reading

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The TERROR of your impending debut novel release, by L.D. Rose

Long time, no talk (blog?), my friends! I’m finally out of my editing cave and I recently finished my first final galley. My very first final galley. And I need a therapy session, so I’m taking it out on you. … Continue reading

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That Dreaded “E” Word – Editing by Tina Susedik

Each year I sign up at my grandchildren’s school to volunteer in their classrooms. Some years I read to groups of children or help students with their sight words. This year, when my second-grade granddaughter’s teacher found out I was … Continue reading

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One of the Best Feelings in the World

Editing is not my favorite thing. It’s a very necessary evil, and as a writer you’ll end up spending as much time editing as putting fresh material onto the page. And to be honest, it has a certain charm all … Continue reading

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Authorial Aggravations

I recently stumbled across one author’s list of things never to say to an author. I pored through it, nodding my head vigorously at some of her points and shaking my head at others. I guess I’m lucky, because when … Continue reading

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