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It could be the title of one of those B-rated horror flicks, you know? The ones that come on at four AM and feature such film notables as creaking, slow-opening closets, dark, dank passageways, the requisite barn in the distance … Continue reading

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Writing – How to Not Take Critiques Personally – by Dorlana Vann

I have observed some really upset writers after they’ve received written or verbal suggestions about their stories. And I think most writers at least wince (I know I do) when they receive a lot of edits. But you can actually … Continue reading

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A Year-end Poem from a Non-Poet – Tina Susedik

Instead of writing a full blog, I thought it would be fun to write a poem about what writers go through. Please keep in mind, I’m a romance author, not a poet.   Adjectives, adverbs Where do the commas go? … Continue reading

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Help, My Editor Wants to Kill Me! by Char Chaffin

Okay, maybe nothing so drastic as that. Though having been on both sides of the writing bed, I can relate—and yet offer little sympathy either to myself in writer mode, or when I don my editor’s hat and deal with … Continue reading

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Blurb and Pitch Perfection: Impossible Dream or Easy Reality? By Char Chaffin

Okay, I freely admit it: I hate writing blurbs and assembling pitches. Nothing’s more daunting a task than trying to condense your fabulous manuscript into three strong blurb-type paragraphs. Even worse, slicing the blurb into a three-sentence/line pitch that will … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Enter Writing Contests

I’m on my way to Atlanta, Georgia for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Awards Presentation on Saturday night. My second novel, Rescuing Lacey, is up for a published Maggie in the Single Title category. Woohoo! But the competition is fierce. … Continue reading

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Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. I know — there’s an official month designation for just about anything. But this one’s close to home. As writers, where would we be without our editors? Aside from the acquisition … Continue reading

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