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How do you remember your dad? Father’s Day is June 16th!

My dad dreamed of being a farmer. Yup, he preferred bib overalls to the dress shirts and suit coats he donned for work five days a week. Dad and Mom saved enough to buy 186 acres near Evart, Michigan. May … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Tribute to Dad: The 5 Invaluable Lessons My Dad Taught Me

The heart-felt flurry of posts on Facebook this past Sunday for fathers on Father’s Day reminded me how fortunate I am to still have my own dad around. As an author, I find the tools my dad gave me over … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: A tribute to the hero in your life.

Happy Father’s Day! I have two heroes in my life: my father and my husband. Both are wonderful fathers and both are step-fathers. They are everything a father needs to be–loving, supportive, and parents. My mom and biological father divorced when I was … Continue reading

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MY DAD . . . by Char Chaffin

I just realized something: on Father’s Day, I always send a card to my stepfather, and I always celebrate the day with hubby, Don. But I don’t usually think of my biological father. Now, this isn’t because he was some … Continue reading

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