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Spring Gardening-Ground Covers: Friend, Neighborly, or Enemy…

I have a terraced yard which didn’t look like this when we moved here in 2011. This photo was taken two books ago, so it’s a bit more ‘natural’ now. I’m out between rain showers to work on that aspect … Continue reading

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You Might Be A Garden Junkie If… by Catherine Castle

Snowball bush in my garden Photo by Catherine Hershberger At my house, the spring garden is in full bloom. The snowball bush, shown above is so laden with blooms that you can hardly see the bush. All the beds have … Continue reading

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On Gardens and Books

     A garden (and a story) can be a thing of beauty, or your worst nightmare-and sometimes both. This year I’ve been challenged by heat, weeds and unrealistic expectations in my garden. (I always buy too many new flowers in … Continue reading

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The Lazy Writer’s Garden

In my spare time (ha!) I like to garden. Flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit, you name it; I’m game. I’m also a lazy gardener. Which means weeds are included on that list. You see, I truly don’t have a lot of spare … Continue reading

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Jar Garden

I haven’t met a rose I didn’t like. Yes, they have thorns and can be temperamental, but so can our characters. (Remember, even the nicest hero and heroine need flaws.) And roses are the flowers of love, so as a … Continue reading

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Taking a Chance on Peas by Catherine Castle

Recently, I’ve begun a new blog series on my webpage called A Writer’s Garden where I highlight authors who are also gardeners—or is it gardeners who are also authors? At any rate, we are talking about our gardens. I’ve got … Continue reading

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To Grow A Book

Florida is a land of extreme natural contrasts. Plants either die quickly in the heat or you can’t beat them back with a flame thrower! I spend a lot of time in my garden because it gives me an excuse … Continue reading

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