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‘Tis the season to be spooky…well, almost

Hi everybody. Okay, so I know it’s a little early for this but…. Anyone who knows me or reads my blog or even checks out my Facebook page knows how much I love Halloween. I mean, it’s pretty much a … Continue reading

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Romancing the Reader

I absolutely love reader events. I especially like the smaller conferences of 200 or less, with a great reader-to-author ratio. I look forward to the opportunity to put my promotional materials and budget to good use. I’ve given up on … Continue reading

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For a Spook Factor Choose a Halloween Setting

If you’re looking for a setting for your paranormal book, take a look at October 31st—Halloween. It’s a spooky, ancient celebration where darkness reigns. And in a paranormal book, darkness can be important. In our series The Turning Stone Chronicles, … Continue reading

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Childhood Memories

Even though Halloween is in our not too distant past, I wanted to share a childhood memory that makes me smile every “All Hallows Eve.” “You have to take her with you.” Our mother uttered those horrifying words. My sister Gail … Continue reading

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Be afraid, be very afraid – by J.R.Richardson

I am a huge Halloween fan. I start looking forward to October, roughly around July (and not just because that’s when it finally begins to cool off down here in sunny Florida). My family and I like to do Halloween … Continue reading

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Wait….who is that again?

It’s October now….wait, what?? How in the ever-loving earth did it become October? I mean, while I love, love, love Autumn, and September through January are my favorite months of the year, really? October? Already? That means we have like…4 … Continue reading

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Wear a disguise and ignite your creativity

As writers across the world embark upon National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), it seems an appropriate time to talk about writing, writer’s block, how to find voice-all of these essential, somewhat terrifying aspects of the writing life. I’m going to … Continue reading

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