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Romance Writers Gone Wild – A Recap by Rebecca Heflin

It all started with insomnia. Usually my insomnia-induced middle of the night ideas are as crazy as my dreams, but even in the light of day this seemed like a good idea: a Facebook event called “Romance Writers Gone Wild.” … Continue reading

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Use Focus Groups Before Your Novel is Published by Beth Carter

What? Use a focus group for novels? Why not! Marketers use focus groups. So can authors, I say. And I did. Let’s back up a bit. We write for readers, right? And we write because we love it but we … Continue reading

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Consciously Unskilled: Ferreting Out the “I Don’t Know What I Don’t Knows”

Recently I attended a Mindsets and Behaviors training course for my day job. A two day session, I found the topics absolutely fascinating. Discussions included personalities, our own and our peers’, interaction, and the concept of adult learning. Basically, it … Continue reading

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Finding the Perfect SWAG by Beth Carter

Little did I know when I came up with the title for my debut women’s fiction, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, that the title itself would help with my SWAG purchases. Once I started researching ideas and considering the appropriate tie-ins for … Continue reading

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Game Day

So, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, which is a big day in many American households. It’s a pretty big day in this one, too. There will be food and drinks and parties to attend. It also happens to be a few … Continue reading

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As authors, many of us tend to market our books using social media. That’s a fantastic way to market our work especially since we can do it in our PJs from the comfort of our home. That said, I truly … Continue reading

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Author Assistants – What Are They and Can I Have One, Please?

Several months ago, I realized that with a day job, a non-profit foundation to run, and two books under contract, I needed some help. The book review submissions, the book tours, the social media posts, the contest submissions, and all … Continue reading

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Marketing for the Introvert

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. So many new faces! In any case, I’ve been busy writing my newest novel, while editing my upcoming historical romance, Highland Deception. And it’s actually this latest novel, which centers around … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

What you’re seeing is a black swallowtail nursery. Every year, I plant parsley in the bare spots in my garden because the caterpillar forms of the swallowtail butterfly love parsley. They will eat it down to the ground by summer … Continue reading

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Promo? Branding? What the…

Does the words marketing or branding give you hives? Do you get nervous at the thought? Yeah, me too. 🙂 I created my blog/website about two years before I got published and one year before I completed my first novel. … Continue reading

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