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A few photos need to be purged.

I’ve kept cherished old photos – way too many. The far left photo shows my uncle in California, whom my (Michigan) parents visited on their honeymoon – with my dad’s dour-faced parents! Mom’s on the right. Funny but its gotta … Continue reading

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Collect precious stories–while you can…

Two weeks ago I returned from a trip to visit a dear friend, Iris, on her 96th birthday. I treasure the moments we spent together reliving snippets of her incredible life, as she asked me to pen her story. Her … Continue reading

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Memories of a man…

Today I want to talk about my grandpa. Don Sloan is a brave man who has served his country, devoted his life to his family, and is slowly losing the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. For those of you that arent … Continue reading

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Gift A Memory

The idea emerged eight years ago, after our teenage sons asked for gift ideas in December. They’d begun to work odd jobs and were proud of their earnings. My husband, my mom (Grandma Hi), and I, received chocolates from them … Continue reading

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Fall Reflections – And a Recipe

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The change in the air from warm and humid to crisp and dry . . . the beauty of the leaves putting on their best, most colorful show before they flutter … Continue reading

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5 Things I learned from my vacation…

Hi there Soulies. My vacation is over… As sad as I am for it to be over, I’m happy I made it back in one piece although with infinitely more red on my skin than I started with. And with … Continue reading

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Requiem for a House

My best friend from high school called me last week. She’d decided to cut through my old neighborhood in my hometown, take a look at the house I and my family called home for nine years. Certain she had just … Continue reading

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