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Letting Go to Receive More

By Jeanine Englert Letting go is a strange and unusual concept to many, especially if you’ve held a shame, a guilt, or a disappointment close to you for any length of time. If you’ve carried and clutched it with you … Continue reading

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A New State of Mind

With recent upheavals to our daily existence, we have all been forced to come to terms with new ways of identifying “normal.” What is normal? Is the way the world is now going to be the way it stays? Will … Continue reading

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The Crazy Idea of Non-Attachment

by Jeanine Englert As someone with rather strong codependent tendencies, the idea of detachment, let alone non-attachment seemed ridiculous to me when I first heard it. But, over time, and with some repeated false starts and uncertainty about it, I … Continue reading

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