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The value of resting and recharging

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a lovely time with friends and family yesterday. I’m actually taking this week off, and giving myself a real break from all my usual writing and responsibilities, which means this post was scheduled … Continue reading

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Resolutions #2

This time last year I wrote about resolutions in a time of darkness, early in the year 2021. With the development of vaccines, I hoped we would see a brighter year, a year when we could lay aside some of … Continue reading

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A New Year

Every year people make new resolutions, to achieve more and more. Earn more, do more. Or do less – lose weight, declutter. Be better – meditate, be mindful, grow your own kale. To be something else than what has been … Continue reading

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Two Weeks In … The Promise of a New Year

Well here we are. Two weeks into a new year and what have we accomplished? Or, more importantly, which of our many new year’s resolutions are still alive and well? I quite honestly didn’t make any “personal” resolutions (e.g., lose … Continue reading

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New Year, Same Goal

2018. It’s hard to believe we’re already in the year 2018. It feels like yesterday I was in high school and we were getting used to writing 2000 instead of 1999. A new year is always full of potential and … Continue reading

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May Your Holidays Be Bright

With only one day left, are you ready for Christmas? I know people talk about the hustle and bustle of the season, how much they have to get done, and how stressed they are. Maybe it comes with age, but … Continue reading

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Re-Starting Those Resolutions

My first thought on December 31st was to resolve to make no resolutions. But where was the fun in that? My second thought was to choose carefully…resolve only those things I knew I could accomplish. Again…the easy way out. I … Continue reading

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Let the New Year’s Resolutions Begin!

Early in January of this year, I wrote a blog about my 2013 New Year’s Resolution. Most of you probably don’t remember it, but I was not going to vow to diet, exercise more or any of those other healthy … Continue reading

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Resolutions—Make ‘Em or Break ‘Em?

We’re three days into 2014 now, and I’ll bet half of you have already broken a New Year’s Resolution that you made. The other half? You didn’t bother to make any—because you knew you’d break them! I used to make … Continue reading

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