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Tackling my ‘Jonathans’

Good morning soulies. I hope all is well with you and your writing endeavors. As for me, I’m making headway on Angel in the Rough, Book 3 in The Perfect Order series. Slowly but surely.  But here lately, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Creating Memorable Characters

There are many elements to consider as you write your novel but including memorable characters is perhaps the most important of all. We all remember characters that resonated with our hearts, long after closing the last page of a book. … Continue reading

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The Making of a Novel

We all know stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. But I’m often asked about the process of writing a novel. Where do I start? What happens along the way? How do I know when it’s finished? How … Continue reading

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Great Locations to Write a Book

Okay, so you’ve come up with a title, and you’ve fleshed out your main characters. You even have a rough story line and possibly an ending. Plunking yourself down in a chair in your typical office (whether it’s the couch … Continue reading

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Building a Novel by Dorlana Vann

I’ve used a lot of different methods to write my books over the years. The technique depends on the story and if I already have an idea or not. One tactic is to build inspiration upon inspiration, like a house, … Continue reading

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