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Organizing tips

Organizing all the things can be hard and it’s pretty easy to drop the ball if you have too many must-do’s on your list. For authors, life can be a mess of deadlines, ideas scribbled on bits of coffee stained … Continue reading

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Finding Your Writing Groove

With the beginning of fall and everyone returning to a more normal schedule, you’d think there would be more time to write. Not necessarily so when you consider school prep, after-school activities, errands that still require running. And, for the … Continue reading

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The Well-Organized Writer by Rebecca Heflin

I used to be an advocate of the DayTimer. Remember those? The bulky all-in-one organizers where you kept your calendar, contacts, to-do lists, notes, maybe even your expense reports? If it wasn’t in my DayTimer, it didn’t happen or wasn’t … Continue reading

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Staying Organized in the Digital Age by Rebecca Heflin

Way back in the Dark Ages, we used to make manila file folders, maybe using a label maker or a typewriter (remember those?) to make a label, and then we’d file it away in a file cabinet, typically in alphabetical … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Staying Organized by Rebecca Heflin

People who know me and love me call me OCD, er, QOO (the Queen of Organization). My day-job colleagues remark on my perpetually neat desk. I’ve had friends over to my home who’ve coveted my well-stocked, tidy pantry. They ooh … Continue reading

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