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Promo-Stacking by Rebecca Heflin

In March of 2019 I struck gold, securing one of those rare BookBub Featured Deal spots and was astounded to see the impact on sales and rankings. I wrote about it in a blog post. They truly are the gold … Continue reading

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Book Promotion!

Sometimes I feel as though my books are all floating in this gigantic ocean of books out there, impossible for anyone to find unless I actually pluck one out and stick it under their nose. I’m sure all my fellow … Continue reading

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Graphic Design for Authors by Rebecca Heflin

Who knew that when I published my first novel, I’d have to learn graphic design along with the business side of writing, as well as improving my craft? And what’s more, who knew I would enjoy it! While we can … Continue reading

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Pain and pleasure. Entrepreneurs find out the hard way about earning a living. If you have a job, keep it until your dream comes to fruition. For me, I have had both success and failure, (pain and pleasure). My most … Continue reading

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Romance Writers Gone Wild – A Recap by Rebecca Heflin

It all started with insomnia. Usually my insomnia-induced middle of the night ideas are as crazy as my dreams, but even in the light of day this seemed like a good idea: a Facebook event called “Romance Writers Gone Wild.” … Continue reading

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Paid Book Promotions: Yay or Nay?

Hello, lovelies! I wanted to do an elaborate post about Writer’s Block (which will likely be my next topic here at the SMP blog), but it’s been a crazy few months and I’m a little short on time (deadlines abound … Continue reading

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An Author Media Kit – What Is It and Do I Need One? by Rebecca Heflin

When it comes to doing promo for your book, certain to be on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, you want to be prepared when hordes of reporters come calling. That’s where your author media or press … Continue reading

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Applying 2013 Learning To 2014 Media

I don’t know about you, but I always find there’s a bit of a gap between reading about something and implementing it. For example, when pundits say ‘post quality content,’ the natural question is ‘what is quality content?’ This is … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes for the Authorially-Inclined

The veil grows thin between our worlds. A time of soul-chilling horror draws nigh. We can avert our eyes, we can ignore the terror turning our bones into icicles. Yet the reality remains. I refer, of course, to the agony … Continue reading

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Promo? Branding? What the…

Does the words marketing or branding give you hives? Do you get nervous at the thought? Yeah, me too. 🙂 I created my blog/website about two years before I got published and one year before I completed my first novel. … Continue reading

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