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A Story Fit for a Novel by Rebecca Heflin

As writers, we dream up stories, create characters, and in some cases, settings or whole worlds. We let our imagination play “what if” and spin out our tales for the pleasure of our readers, never expecting our life to become … Continue reading

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What is Romance Suspense?

When I decided to tackle the romance/suspense genre I had no idea where it would take me. I didn’t know anything about creating stories that not only had to satisfy a romantic ideal but needed to weave a tapestry of … Continue reading

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The Unintended Consequences of Divorce

I thought I’d have a little fun today. So many serious things to contend with. I decided to whip up a little recipe for laughter. Is there anything funnier than life? All of us have experienced the devastation (sometimes joy) … Continue reading

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5 Secrets of True Love By Author Susan Hanniford Crowley

This is a sculpture by Antonia Canova called “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss.” The photo was taken by Pufacz and was placed in public domain according to Wikimedia Commons. The story of Pysche and and Cupid is told within the … Continue reading

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Those Facebook Sayings

You know how people post all those sayings on Facebook? Some days it seems that is all there is to read, and some days it really bugs me. But the past few weeks, I’ve been amazed at how many of … Continue reading

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A Love Story, of sorts: The Bride Ate Fries.

Sorry this is late, folks. I know this post has very little to do with writing, but it has a lot to do with romance, so I figured it would be all right. As of Thursday, I will have been … Continue reading

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Relationships Require Compromises

Without deep feelings, two people can’t commit themselves to a relationship. Adoration is what ensures that a relationship grows and improves. But sooner or later, every good relationship bumps into bad things. And that’s when honest people discover that feelings … Continue reading

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