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Fresh Starts & First Sentences by Beth Carter

Happy 2018! Since we’re still early in the new year, assessing our goals, and planning our lofty writing aspirations, I decided to research starts. And by starts, I mean first sentences from a variety of novels whether a classic or … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name? – Elle Hill

The perfect literary germ plunks into your brain, infecting you with a new novel idea. You flesh it out: put a little meat on your main characters’ bones, add some conflict, maybe decide where all the action takes place. And then. … Continue reading

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Research: Where to Begin and When to Stop, by Patricia Charles

Research: Where to begin? When to stop? I’m Patricia Charles and I write contemporary and present day romantic suspense novels by night. By day, I’m a medical librarian. In my day job, I spend much of my day researching for … Continue reading

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TED Talks – An Alternative Resource by Rebecca Heflin

Last week, while researching my WIP, I Googled “biology of love,” thinking I’d find articles, books, etc. on the topic. What I found was TED Talks. Have you ever watched a TED Talk? A few friends have presented them. They can … Continue reading

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Research: Solving the Puzzle by Linda Bennett Pennell

We writers of historical fiction come in two varieties: those who hate research and those who love it. I come down on the love it side. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I enjoy research so much that I can … Continue reading

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Researchin’ the Books

I imagine, sometimes, what friends might think if they could see my Google search history, which looks something like this: “why do cats vomit so much?,” “symptoms of concussions,” “buttercream frosting recipe,” “ defensive driving techniques,” “list of carnivorous plants,” … Continue reading

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Out of the Shoebox and Into a Book

Today marks my first column as a contributor to the SMP Blog. My column, “Nanobytes From Nancy” will, most often, address the issues we all face as writers and to discuss the art of creating entertaining fiction with an emphasis … Continue reading

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