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Rabbit Holes by Cari Davis

Once a month, I get together with a group of local writers to talk shop over coffee. It’s a great group of people of various backgrounds, various writing experience, and various genres. We exchange our knowledge of the craft, encourage … Continue reading

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Fresh Starts & First Sentences by Beth Carter

Happy 2018! Since we’re still early in the new year, assessing our goals, and planning our lofty writing aspirations, I decided to research starts. And by starts, I mean first sentences from a variety of novels whether a classic or … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name? – Elle Hill

The perfect literary germ plunks into your brain, infecting you with a new novel idea. You flesh it out: put a little meat on your main characters’ bones, add some conflict, maybe decide where all the action takes place. And then. … Continue reading

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Research: Where to Begin and When to Stop, by Patricia Charles

Research: Where to begin? When to stop? I’m Patricia Charles and I write contemporary and present day romantic suspense novels by night. By day, I’m a medical librarian. In my day job, I spend much of my day researching for … Continue reading

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TED Talks – An Alternative Resource by Rebecca Heflin

Last week, while researching my WIP, I Googled “biology of love,” thinking I’d find articles, books, etc. on the topic. What I found was TED Talks. Have you ever watched a TED Talk? A few friends have presented them. They can … Continue reading

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Research: Solving the Puzzle by Linda Bennett Pennell

We writers of historical fiction come in two varieties: those who hate research and those who love it. I come down on the love it side. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I enjoy research so much that I can … Continue reading

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Researchin’ the Books

I imagine, sometimes, what friends might think if they could see my Google search history, which looks something like this: “why do cats vomit so much?,” “symptoms of concussions,” “buttercream frosting recipe,” “ defensive driving techniques,” “list of carnivorous plants,” … Continue reading

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