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Authors are told to write what they know. I need to research! (this post appeared for a few minutes by accident in January…)

How does a writer immerse a reader into their story? Whether the backdrop’s Victorian England or contemporary Montana, pathways arise through scenery details and responses specific to each character. Dialect, weather, cultural nuances, and tools or technologies expedite the journey. … Continue reading

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Historical research

I am in that lovely zone between just having launched a book, and doing a bit of marketing before I start writing the next one. Already new scenes are stealing my attention! I am in the middle of my Druid’s … Continue reading

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Falling Into Their World

Starting a brand-new novel is exciting, nerve-wracking, and a little like trying to climb from the back of one horse to another–in the middle of a rushing river. Immediately after the release of my last book three weeks ago, I … Continue reading

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Revising Madness – Elle Hill

Not that I’m bragging or anything, but I just finished penning my latest novel. No biggie. I mean, birthing it only took four years of labor, 76 thousand words, and writing my way through some deeply un-fun times. You know, … Continue reading

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The Author on Vacation

Sorry for the delay in getting this online but I just returned from a ten-day family vacation late last night and was too pooped to even turn on the computer. During my travels (by car) with family, I did realize … Continue reading

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The Joys of Research

One of my very first columns for the Soul Mate authors blog was called, Out of the Shoebox and Into a Book. In it I chronicled some of the unusual and fun things I’d found hidden away in my mother’s closet … Continue reading

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Rabbit Holes by Cari Davis

Once a month, I get together with a group of local writers to talk shop over coffee. It’s a great group of people of various backgrounds, various writing experience, and various genres. We exchange our knowledge of the craft, encourage … Continue reading

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Fresh Starts & First Sentences by Beth Carter

Happy 2018! Since we’re still early in the new year, assessing our goals, and planning our lofty writing aspirations, I decided to research starts. And by starts, I mean first sentences from a variety of novels whether a classic or … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name? – Elle Hill

The perfect literary germ plunks into your brain, infecting you with a new novel idea. You flesh it out: put a little meat on your main characters’ bones, add some conflict, maybe decide where all the action takes place. And then. … Continue reading

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Research: Where to Begin and When to Stop, by Patricia Charles

Research: Where to begin? When to stop? I’m Patricia Charles and I write contemporary and present day romantic suspense novels by night. By day, I’m a medical librarian. In my day job, I spend much of my day researching for … Continue reading

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