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Choose to THRIVE in 2019. . .

By: Jeanine Englert February generally brings a bit of reality after the fresh, shiny glow of the New Year. In January, everything seems possible, but sometimes by the end of February, you might wonder. . . can I really _______ … Continue reading

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Good morning all. This year has really flown by. And the holidays have come and gone. But not completely. Not yet. We can’t forget about New Year’s Day. That magical time between this year and next when we toss out … Continue reading

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Resolving to relax

I love this time of year. Making plans, goals, strategies to meet them, it’s all fun for me.  Or at least until someone pokes their eye out. I go until I burn out.  One more post. One more blog. One … Continue reading

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Just Another New Year’s Resolution Blog

I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I’ve read so far concerning New Year’s Resolutions. Many have been hilarious (intentionally, I hope), some way too serious, and some I wonder if the person writing the blog will make it … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Connie and Jamie

Since it’s the very first day of 2013, and everyone is filled with resolutions and hope for the coming 364, we thought this might be a great time to talk about aspirations and crowd source with readers about goals. And … Continue reading

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Our Undoing Through Resolutions

Today is December 25th, 2012. And since I’ve written and you happen to be reading this post, the Mayans were wrong. The world is still spinning and hopefully, your life is going swell. Regardless of how your doing, this is … Continue reading

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Resolutions vs. Goals

It’s that time of year when, with the best of intentions, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions, everything from losing weight to writing a book. In fact, according to Proactivechange.com, 40 to 45% of American adults make one or … Continue reading

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