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Retirement, a Mixed Blessing

As I review this post, I think a warning is in order: This situation is almost, though perhaps not entirely, a woman’s issue. A writer friend of mine recently retired from her day job, thrilled to have so much more … Continue reading

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Life Change Sometimes Means Goodbye

Back in August of last year I posted a blog about contemplating retirement. Bottom line … I wasn’t ready. How quickly things can change. This will be my last blog column as part of the Soul Mate Publishing blog/writing team. No … Continue reading

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Contemplating Retirement ~ Is Thirty Years Long Enough?

I began writing at forty. Why not? My two sons were semi-self-sufficient, my out-of-the-house job was fairly routine and didn’t tax my brain, and my husband had his sports. I contemplated what I should write. Cookbooks? (I did, and still … Continue reading

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Writing with Michelle Libby – Retirement at last.

This is going to be a quick post. Today is the day my husband retires after 25 years in Law Enforcement. I’m home for a few minutes before having to join him at a local bar to celebrate more with … Continue reading

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Never-ending Search for Balance

New house, new job, loss of a job—you know the list of “stressful life events.” I love the opportunity changes like these represent, but I know myself. No matter how much preparation I do or how positive my attitude, I get … Continue reading

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