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GUEST POST! How to Get Over a Bad Book Review, by Rebecca Neely

Please welcome Rebecca Neely! Beckie’s excellent article on dealing with the emotion –often difficult–following a bad review is invaluable to not only new and debut authors but seasoned authors as well. Beckie, thanks for sharing! How to Get Over a … Continue reading

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By Rote with Ryan: Criticism

Criticism : How to give it as a reader and take it as a writer. Raise your hand. Who here likes criticism? Be honest now. Some might enjoy giving it, but almost no one likes receiving it. Am I right? … Continue reading

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A Great Review is a Great Aphrodisiac

We all know how readers love certain books and certain authors. As an author, I’m no different, with one exception – I love a good review of my own book when it comes rolling in the gate and stops at … Continue reading

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Ambling Along With Amy

Good morning all! Today in going to talk about the ‘R’ word… REVIEWS We have all seen this right? And as authors, we are always striving for this: REVIEWS, REVIEW, REVIEWS…. Chances are that anyone reading this post has both … Continue reading

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Top Ten Moments of Becoming a Published Novelist, by Beth Carter

This is my first SMP post (and my first WordPress blog post, so I hope I did it correctly!) Here goes! Many of you already know the feeling of becoming a published novelist. I knew what it was like to … Continue reading

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Plotting Along

In January, when I realized that I was only home one night of the week to watch TV, I cut off the cable. I saved about $60 a month and didn’t actually miss it until a month ago. Then the … Continue reading

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