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Taking notes on a trip down memory lane

I recently donated an “annotated” book to a charity auction because I’d noticed that these personalized books tend to be in higher demand than simple signed paperbacks. The idea is that the author goes through the book and makes notes … Continue reading

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Unique Words-How Many Have You Used? by C.D. Hersh

  We have a ritual we indulge in when a book is finished. Besides chocolate and whooping and hollering.  By finished, we mean the words are down on the virtual page. Not the final words but close enough that we … Continue reading

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Revising Madness – Elle Hill

Not that I’m bragging or anything, but I just finished penning my latest novel. No biggie. I mean, birthing it only took four years of labor, 76 thousand words, and writing my way through some deeply un-fun times. You know, … Continue reading

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How Writing is Like Sea Glass

My husband and I win the gold medal for Failing Vacations. One night into our “staycation” we descended for a hard-earned Green Arrow binge night only to find our basement completely flooded. Another time, a four-wheeler fell on my head—no, … Continue reading

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Re-Starting Those Resolutions

My first thought on December 31st was to resolve to make no resolutions. But where was the fun in that? My second thought was to choose carefully…resolve only those things I knew I could accomplish. Again…the easy way out. I … Continue reading

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