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A Few of My Favorite Things – The Forced Proximity Trope

Long before I started writing romance, I was (and still am) an avid romance reader.  I’d like to share some of my favorite elements from romance novels and the reasons why I think they work so well. For this post, … Continue reading

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The Code of the West Hawaiian Style

I never thought I would admit this, nor did I think I would parade it on the World Wide Web for all to see, but I’ve decided to write a cowboy romance series. I don’t know that much about cowboys … Continue reading

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The sweetest words

While “I love you” is wonderful, as a writer “The End” holds a special power. Last week I officially finished the first complete draft of Crowning Courtship, the 4th and final book in the Hands of Destin series. It is … Continue reading

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In the market for hope

I had a new book come out this month which is always a fun event as an author, though this is not the easiest time for a celebration. I’m a firm believer in the power of story and that my … Continue reading

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Clothes maketh the character

They do say clothes maketh the man – the codpiece was probably invented with this in mind. But do they also make a character? What can clothes do to make a character or even a book, memorable? Romance was once … Continue reading

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The Words Didn’t Flow, So I Switched Genres

I thought it was because I was writing the last book in the series and needed to leave a world behind and enter another. Nope.  The last time I worked on the second novel in my urban fantasy series was during NaNoWriMo. There has been no motivation to do the research or to write it. It’s like the characters moved away. Continue reading

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Why do we Torture Ourselves?

Today, I decided to head back to my exercise routine–pilates reformer. I had major surgery in August and it took a little longer than I expected to recover. Several weeks out from the surgery I had moved from recovery to … Continue reading

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Wide Open Spaces by Rebecca E. Neely

Wide open spaces—the Dixie Chicks twang about needing them, and recently I found them–or perhaps they found me–in the cascading, pristine mountains of Western Pennsylvania. A swath of road cut through the countryside, amid field and farm, tree and green. The … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Vignettes, and her introduction

Victoria’s Vignettes I’m so excited Soul Mate Publishing asked me to join the blog team and post. So I’ll start with an introduction and wave my hand around to say ‘Hi, I’m Victoria Pinder and yes this is my real … Continue reading

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The Value of Conferences

I’m writing this blog as much to convince myself (and my husband) of the value of conference attendance as well as you, fellow writer. Yes, I’m looking at you. **Scary how I do that, right? Anyway, back to the topic. … Continue reading

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