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Let’s Get Audible.

One of the great things about writing for Soul Mate is the rights we retain as authors, which include movie and audio-book rights. Now I won’t deny that I would love to see my stories on the big screen, but … Continue reading

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Clothes maketh the character

They do say clothes maketh the man – the codpiece was probably invented with this in mind. But do they also make a character? What can clothes do to make a character or even a book, memorable? Romance was once … Continue reading

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More than a wee bit of Irish…

This beautiful, spirited Irish lass didn’t lack for dates during her time in New York. Men sent her a post card designating when they’d be in town to secure a dinner or dancing date. Continue reading

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Romance for Guys

So, yesterday, as part of our Christmas celebration, my family went to a movie Double feature, watching Mary Poppins Returns and Aquaman. And, because I’m a guy, we’re going to talk about Aquaman:   Yeah, a real guy movie! Action, … Continue reading

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The 3 Motivations in Life by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Recently I got the chance to talk to C.C., a rising star in philosophy. She shared with me that humanity has 3 motivations that rule their lives. When C.C. shared them, I was amazed. They also rule romance novels.  The … Continue reading

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Mother of the Groom: A Love Story

Nine years ago, I swore it could never happen. I would have wagered my life’s savings (okay, so it’s not that much, but still…) that my eldest son (by five minutes—he’s a twin) would NEVER get married. Now, the date … Continue reading

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What is Romance Suspense?

When I decided to tackle the romance/suspense genre I had no idea where it would take me. I didn’t know anything about creating stories that not only had to satisfy a romantic ideal but needed to weave a tapestry of … Continue reading

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