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Romance Writers of America Convention

This summer has been a big one for me with many writing events and trips. As I write this, I’m getting ready for two big events – The Writer’s Police Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin and a three-week trip to … Continue reading

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The importance of “in person.”

This blog is late today. I had a busy morning and my local RWA meeting to attend. Lunch and hob-nobbing with my fellow wizards of the pen is always an invigorating time. And the drive home from the meeting got … Continue reading

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RWA Survival Tips for Introverts by Rebecca Heflin

It’s that time again! Time for the annual pilgrimage to Romance Writers of America. I’m really excited because this year’s conference is practically in my backyard. I love going to the conference. I’m recharged by hanging with my fellow author … Continue reading

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. . . Isn’t just Disneyland or World. This summer, for authors who are members of RWA, it’s also the Annual National Conference, the week of July 26. That’s when Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference takes over Orlando and … Continue reading

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Maria and I found each other at RWA 2014 Atlanta. We met over an iPod Nano. We never talked about writing, only music on her tiny Nano. The tiny toy and its 5000 songs fascinated me. She gave it to … Continue reading

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Going to a Big Writing Conference: Is It Worth the Cost and Time? by Char Chaffin

With RWA 2015 coming up fast, I thought I’d ruminate a bit on the value, the cost, the agony and the ecstasy of forking out major bucks for National (or any large conference for that matter). Here’s the setup: a … Continue reading

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The Value of Conferences

I’m writing this blog as much to convince myself (and my husband) of the value of conference attendance as well as you, fellow writer. Yes, I’m looking at you. **Scary how I do that, right? Anyway, back to the topic. … Continue reading

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