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One. Big. Step.

Okay so today I took a big step. At least for me it was a big step. Not as big as sending my very first manuscript into publishers in hopes of getting published of course. That step was not just … Continue reading

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Dress to Impress: RWA San Antonio

It’s that time of year again! RWA time! Are you ready for the non-stop action, the workshops, the networking, the pitches? How about your wardrobe? Is it ready to impress? Is it also a comfortable multitasker? I’ve already begun putting … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Enter Writing Contests

I’m on my way to Atlanta, Georgia for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Awards Presentation on Saturday night. My second novel, Rescuing Lacey, is up for a published Maggie in the Single Title category. Woohoo! But the competition is fierce. … Continue reading

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I’m Happy to Be Here.

Hi, I’m Tina Susedik, a new and excited author with Soul Mate Publishing. My book, Riding for Love, a romantic mystery, will be released this coming spring. While I have been blogging on my own website, tinasusedik.com, this is my … Continue reading

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Fiction Vs. Reality

Hello all! Katy Lee here. It has been said the difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense. But when writing romance, we are told we have to make sure there is a happily ever after. … Continue reading

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Who am I?

This blog is for a member of my RWA chapter who sent out a desperate plea for help. She’s facing something many of us have dealt with, or will in the future: caring for a loved one who has daunting … Continue reading

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