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Searching for a Perfectly Reasonable Job

Sometimes a job isn’t quite what you expect. One summer, I worked for a hydroponics expert. I had visions of spending my days with beautiful flowers, learning the intricacies of horticulture, nurturing a love of growing plants. Nope. I washed … Continue reading

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The sweetest words

While “I love you” is wonderful, as a writer “The End” holds a special power. Last week I officially finished the first complete draft of Crowning Courtship, the 4th and final book in the Hands of Destin series. It is … Continue reading

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A Perfectly Honest Coincidence

One of the cardinal rules of writing is that things can’t happen by coincidence. If your character uses a magical key to unlock a critical clue to the mystery, then the key must appear well before the magical moment – … Continue reading

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The Series Bible

On top of creating stories, authors of fiction build worlds, settings for our characters to act out their stories. And if we’re writing series fiction, those worlds tend to grow, and get more complex over time. As the proud owner … Continue reading

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Series in the Rearview Mirror

Series in the Rearview Mirror, by Kate Collier (writing as Katie O’Boyle) When I set out to write the Lakeside Porches romances in 2012, the setting was Tompkins Falls in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York, and the stories … Continue reading

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The Secret of the Series

Writing a novel of any kind is a challenge. It takes dedication, discipline, and most of all, time. While it may be easy to come up with the concept for a book, putting pen to paper in the literary sense … Continue reading

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