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Cell Phones and Creativity: The Balance of Technology

I live for the last four months of the year. The transition to cooler weather does something magical, making me feel more in tune with my body and mind. Due to all the extra sparkly connectivity, I’m usually at my … Continue reading

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Author Visibility by the Numbers by Rebecca Heflin

Having an online presence is a given these days. Authors have to be visible to readers. And in order to have visibility, authors have to go where readers go. Your reader demographic influences where you find your readers, and should … Continue reading

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Romance Writers Gone Wild – A Recap by Rebecca Heflin

It all started with insomnia. Usually my insomnia-induced middle of the night ideas are as crazy as my dreams, but even in the light of day this seemed like a good idea: a Facebook event called “Romance Writers Gone Wild.” … Continue reading

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Going to a Big Writing Conference: Is It Worth the Cost and Time? by Char Chaffin

With RWA 2015 coming up fast, I thought I’d ruminate a bit on the value, the cost, the agony and the ecstasy of forking out major bucks for National (or any large conference for that matter). Here’s the setup: a … Continue reading

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Writing Distractions

I just signed up for Pinterest and it’s like crack—totally addictive (not that I would know if crack is addictive…oh, forget it). I’ve started storyboards and gone through all of my saved image files, just PINNING ALL THE THINGS. Meanwhile … Continue reading

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My Particular Lack of Promotion

Why do I punish myself . . . I’m a masochist. Masochism is an eponym — a word named after a person. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was an Austrian writer in the nineteenth century who described the gratification he got from … Continue reading

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