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Graphic Design Tools for Dummies by Rebecca Heflin

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today, I have a few tricks and a few treats! I bet you didn’t know when you became an author that you’d have to become a graphic designer too. Regardless of whether you’re indie-published, traditionally-published, or somewhere-in-between-published, gone … Continue reading

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Website ReBuild – Ahhh!!!

A few weeks ago I received a suspicious email through the contact page on my website. When I contacted GoDaddy about it (my host), they couldn’t definitively say if it was phishing or not. Then they proceeded to tell me … Continue reading

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Shutting Down for 2018

This year for Christmas, my grandma really wanted to have a talent show. It’s been her dream for the last two years, and this time the entire family complied. We had everything from a lecture on 6 different ways to … Continue reading

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The Series Bible

On top of creating stories, authors of fiction build worlds, settings for our characters to act out their stories. And if we’re writing series fiction, those worlds tend to grow, and get more complex over time. As the proud owner … Continue reading

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A Story Fit for a Novel by Rebecca Heflin

As writers, we dream up stories, create characters, and in some cases, settings or whole worlds. We let our imagination play “what if” and spin out our tales for the pleasure of our readers, never expecting our life to become … Continue reading

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Cell Phones and Creativity: The Balance of Technology

I live for the last four months of the year. The transition to cooler weather does something magical, making me feel more in tune with my body and mind. Due to all the extra sparkly connectivity, I’m usually at my … Continue reading

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Reviews, reviews, my kingdom for a review!

Just kidding about the title, of course, but if you’re an avid reader, you’ve probably heard how important reviews are to authors. They not only help other readers decide if a book is right for them, but professional reviewers and … Continue reading

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