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Social Media Shake-Up

Part of me loves living in the age of social media, where it is easier than ever for me to connected with authors I admire and readers who love my work. I’ve found fans, colleagues and friends on Facebook and … Continue reading

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Marketing Methods By Authors

Each time I’m faced with a new book release (or resurrecting an older release), I ponder the most effective ways of marketing my book. Over the years, I’ve learned by observing other authors and their methods. For this blog, I’ve given … Continue reading

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Re-Starting Those Resolutions

My first thought on December 31st was to resolve to make no resolutions. But where was the fun in that? My second thought was to choose carefully…resolve only those things I knew I could accomplish. Again…the easy way out. I … Continue reading

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Ambling Along With Amy

Good morning all! Today in going to talk about the ‘R’ word… REVIEWS We have all seen this right? And as authors, we are always striving for this: REVIEWS, REVIEW, REVIEWS…. Chances are that anyone reading this post has both … Continue reading

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Doing the Linky Link

I teach Mass Communications at my local community college, so I regularly try out new developments in social media. Students are wonderful about showing me things even after they realize that no, I don’t always know what I’m talking about! … Continue reading

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Dilemmas of a Debut Author

I was so excited when I finished writing my first novel. Okay, that’s an understatement. I was as giddy as a kid at Disneyland … with a mouse ears hat … in the candy store … holding Minnie and Mickey’s … Continue reading

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