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The Crazy Idea of Non-Attachment

by Jeanine Englert As someone with rather strong codependent tendencies, the idea of detachment, let alone non-attachment seemed ridiculous to me when I first heard it. But, over time, and with some repeated false starts and uncertainty about it, I … Continue reading

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The Stranger: My Latest Binge Worthy Distraction

By Jeanine Englert In this time of uncertainty and angst, I admit I *need* distraction as much as I need air to breathe. Thinking too long and hard about all the many things I can’t control and all the people … Continue reading

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Never-ending Search for Balance

New house, new job, loss of a job—you know the list of “stressful life events.” I love the opportunity changes like these represent, but I know myself. No matter how much preparation I do or how positive my attitude, I get … Continue reading

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