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How To Find Joy In Your Writing After Deadline Burnout

Hi Everyone! My name is Abby J. Reed. This is my first time posting at the SMP blog and I’m so happy to be here! Here’s a couple quick things about me: My first book with SMP called WHEN PLANETS … Continue reading

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Summer Daze

Summer has nearly passed, leaving relaxing memories for most of us such as outings to the beach, family get-togethers or even, perhaps, a trip somewhere new. My summer evaporated much like the clear blue sky as my city remained enveloped … Continue reading

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Writing A Series As An Unorganized Pantser

There I said it. I’m unorganized. I wasn’t always like this. In fact, in the late eighties and nineties, I was administrative assistant to a college president. Before that, I was an executive secretary to a hospital administrator. After I … Continue reading

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How (My) Writing is Like Sausage Making by Rebecca Heflin

Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made. – Otto von Bismarck Well, Chancellor von Bismarck, the same can be said of my writing. I’m smack-dab in the middle of my latest WIP, and it’s looking a … Continue reading

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Help! I’m on Overload! by Rebecca Heflin

Well, I’m getting this blog post in by the skin of my teeth. Ever had so much going on in your life all at once that you can’t keep up with everything? In my case, it’s all good, but stressful … Continue reading

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Give Yourself a Break by Rebecca Heflin

Do you feel guilty when life gets in the way and you don’t get to write? Do you beat yourself up because your daily/weekly word count goals are in the tank? Now that we’re in the throes of the holiday … Continue reading

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Are you afraid of the sophomore slump?

Wikipedia defines the sophomore slump as, “an instance in which a second effort fails to live up to the standards of the first effort.” Like say, the second book of your series, which is about to release in, ohhhhh, maybe … Continue reading

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