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Even a loner like me has gotten antsy these last few weeks in quarantine. I’ve spent my time doing a lot of reading, and researching, and thinking. I’ve also come to question my future path on this journey called “author.” … Continue reading

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Word (Count) Games by Rebecca Heflin

As authors, we’re always looking for ways to increase our daily or weekly word count, right? Some popular methods include writing sprints, social media challenges, NaNoWriMo, software programs that eat your words if you stop typing (YIKES!), and many more. … Continue reading

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Contemplating Retirement ~ Is Thirty Years Long Enough?

I began writing at forty. Why not? My two sons were semi-self-sufficient, my out-of-the-house job was fairly routine and didn’t tax my brain, and my husband had his sports. I contemplated what I should write. Cookbooks? (I did, and still … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Overwriting

“Hi, I’m Beth Carter and I’m an overwriter.” Never heard of that term? Me neither. I thought I made it up a few months ago, but lo and behold, one of the cover articles in the September 2019 issue of … Continue reading

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Reading Wide

One of the things I never realized would stimulate my writing muse is reading wide. By this I mean venturing out beyond my usual, favorite genres, and reading (or listening) to books that would otherwise never have snagged my interest. … Continue reading

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How to Use a Kanban Board to Organize Your Writing

Last year, I started looking up different ways to be more productive with my writing. I got lost in a myriad of books about creativity, increasing word count, and organization. My obsession got worse when I discovered the Instagram planner … Continue reading

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Switching Genres . . . Ahhh!!!

My writing has been undergoing a transition this past year, and I must admit, I’ve been struggling with my present work in progress. I’ve outlined it, I’ve written character profiles. I’ve done tons of research on the topics within. I’ve … Continue reading

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