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A Thankful Anniversary – Proud to be a Soulie

As I was trying to come up with a topic for this blog, I started thinking about how long I’ve been a Soulie. I knew it was in the fall when I got the “call” (e-mail) saying Debbie liked “Riding … Continue reading

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Progress: Making It and Recognizing It

I’m relieved to say that, in the year between the release of my first book (Stepping Up To Love by Katie O’Boyle) and my second book (Coming Home To Love, due out the 24th of this month), I’ve grown as … Continue reading

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Contest Takeaways

I’m so glad a fellow author encouraged me to enter my work in contests sponsored by romance writing groups. I’ve yet to win—or even final—but I’ve grown so much as a writer through the judges’ feedback. And now that I … Continue reading

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Bragging Rights

Last month I wrote about my top Five Reasons to Enter Writing Contests. This month I’m back to talk more about my #1 reason to enter writing contests: Bragging Rights. And, well, to take full advantage of those rights. I’m delighted … Continue reading

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