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Channeling Nora

Every voracious reader, including those of romance, has their favorite authors. Genres. Heat levels and writing styles. And what choices we have! Romance novels, with all their various genres and subgenres, can be had in whatever length we prefer, from … Continue reading

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Actress or Author?

I’ve been fortunate enough to play roles in our local theater, such as Anna in The King and I. (My favorite musical. I still have the ball gown I made.) Little did I realize that my acting would be ideal … Continue reading

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Top 20 Ways to Make Your Romance Hero A Sexy Alpha Guy

Ever wonder how to make your beta hero alpha in your current romance novel manuscript? Wonder no more. Continue reading

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Dialogue Tags – To Be or Not To Be?

by Linda Bennett Pennell Man, there certainly is a lot of advice for authors floating around these days! If interested, a writer could spend most of his/her time reading, rather than slaving away on the ole manuscript. Some advice can … Continue reading

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6 Key Elements to Every Good Romance

Everyone might have their own opinion about what should or should not be in a good romance novel or novella. However, I find there are six key elements in every good romance story. 1. A Love Story That Drives the … Continue reading

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