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Fit to be Tied

It’s August so that means back-to-school, the beginning of football season, the countdown to everything pumpkin spice and bow ties. Yes, you read that right bow ties. They are dapper and I think highly under appreciated for everyday wear, but … Continue reading

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Do Writers Ever Take a Vacation?

I just wrapped up the in person events on my annual Novel Fun in the Summer Sun book tour, and am looking forward to enjoying time on Cape Cod with my family. But I haven’t had a real vacation for … Continue reading

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How (My) Writing is Like Sausage Making by Rebecca Heflin

Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made. – Otto von Bismarck Well, Chancellor von Bismarck, the same can be said of my writing. I’m smack-dab in the middle of my latest WIP, and it’s looking a … Continue reading

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The Making of a Novel

We all know stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. But I’m often asked about the process of writing a novel. Where do I start? What happens along the way? How do I know when it’s finished? How … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Do When I ‘Finish’ Writing

The writing process is a labour of love, but it’s labour all the same. Once I finish a novel, however, the real work begins. Over time, I’ve developed a few tricks that help polish my manuscripts which you may find … Continue reading

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Those Devilish Details

My fourth-in-series romance, Waking Up To Love, pits nerdy Kyle Pennington and luscious Lyssa Doughty against charismatic bad guy Rand Cunningham. This was my first experience with a villain, and I enjoyed exploring all the ways the ill-intentioned Rand could … Continue reading

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Who’s On First? Keeping Your Characters Straight.

Everyone knows the classic Who’s on First? comedy routine of Laurel and Hardy, and if you don’t you need to go here to listen to this hilarious piece of historic comedy. Have you ever read a book that leaves you … Continue reading

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