Meet Alice Abel Kemp!

My fiction writing inspiration started with workshops for writers that were offered through the Women’s Studies program at the University of New Orleans. I retired as a Sociology and Women’s Studies professor a few years ago, and since Women’s Studies is a multi-disciplinary field, while on the faculty, I was associated with many talented English professors.

Writing fiction called to me as ideas for stories started crowding my mind. I grew up and still am an avid reader of mostly mysteries, romantic suspense, historical romance and action thrillers.

Before Hurricane Katrina turned all of New Orleans upside down, I was in a writers’ group where we shared our writing attempts. That group was instrumental in showing me many of the resources for writers, on-line classes, and the Romance Writers of America. I joined the local chapter, SOLA, and this year I’m the president.

My short story, The Red Halter Top, contemporary romance, is my first published fiction.

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