Ponytails and Promises, by Annette Bower

Emily Lange, owner-operator of a fourth-generation Canadian family farm must seed her fields and prove a woman can be a farmer. However, she can’t leave her uncle she cares for unattended.

Hearing of her dilemma, nurse-practitioner, Max Fraser changes his plans before his new position at the Apex Medical Center begins. He is convinced by Emily’s feisty determination and caring nature, to care for Uncle during spring seeding. How hard could it be?

Emily welcomes the freckled-face, long-haired, bearded man as a caregiver, but his good-looks prove a distraction from her focus on the demands of the land.

For Max, caregiving is natural but, treating Emily only like a boss is another matter.

Are they the partner each is searching for? Someone to be at their side, but not in their pocket.