Heart of the Wild Beast, by Patricia Harreld


Andie Carrington jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime to join an expedition in search of Sasquatch. While she has no idea that she will meet her destiny, David Wolfe does. He began to teach and prepare her for her future when she was a mere child.

David is the expedition’s guide, part of a plan put in place by the Tansensu, the Sasquatch name for themselves. David knows Andie is his soul mate. She is less certain, but feels a connection to David that transcends time. When she is faced with a bizarre request, one that will put an end to any hope of a life with David, she must decide whether to do what is asked of her or pursue a forbidden relationship with him. David must decide if he will be true to his duty to the Tansensu and his own destiny. Or will he deny the very reason for his existence to be with Andie and save her from a fate she can’t begin to imagine?

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